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May/June Publications and Interviews

I know I know. Perreault hasn't been writing in as much this last month. Obviously things are busier now that things have opened up here in Austria and since I've got the family with me. But those who know me know that my silence usually denotes getting lots of stuff done. After receiving that second vaccine shot yesterday however, I have slowed WAY down and have some time to reflect. In that vein, happy to share a few pieces of news:

In the past few weeks, I've had two pieces published:

  • Perreault, G. & Perreault, M. (2021) eSports as a news specialty gold rush: Communication ecology in the domination of traditional journalism over lifestyle journalism. Pathways and Opportunities into the business of eSports. Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

The news coverage of eSports presents an attractive avenue to a new audience for business, sports and gaming journalists. The audience interest is understandable given the financial vibrancy of the hobby. This chapter reflects an analysis of news articles (n=406) published in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes and Business Insider from January 2018 to December 2020. Researchers analyzed these articles for specific marketing and public relations messages, and identified how various entertainment businesses were reflected in the news coverage of eSports. This chapter argues that eSports represents a topic typically covered through lifestyle journalism, that has instead been dominated by traditional business reporting. Both gaming and sports are predominantly lifestyle specialties—hence, the dominant role of business journalism in reporting the specialty means that the emphasis on the niche has primarily been on awards and financing.

  • Paul, N., & Perreault, G. (2020). Picturing the President: Visual Analysis of the Donald Trump Presidency on US Magazine Covers between 2016 and 2018. Journal of Magazine Media, 21(1), 51-81.

This was (published) in 2020, but didn't come out until the past month. Here we examine the visual representations of Donald Trump on the covers of three national newsmagazines from 2016 to 2018 and find four tropes: Trump as a circus performer, Trump as a wrecker, Trump as corrupt, and Trump as an unconcerned president. As a circus performer, Trump is portrayed as a manipulator; as a wrecker, he appears intent on destroying American society; as a corrupt president, his relations with Russia are highlighted; and as an unconcerned president, he appears unbothered by the impact of his policies on Americans. The visuals echo the dominant media narratives of Trump as a narcissistic and unfit president.

And this piece was accepted for publication, and we're currently waiting for proofs:

  • Perreault, M.F., Perreault, G., & Suarez, A. (2021) What does it mean to be a woman in ‘indie’ game storytelling? Narrative Framing in Independently-developed video games. Games & Culture.

Video games have long held a spotty history in their narratives regarding women. Most research has examined large budget games and identified issues of simplification, oversexualization, and a general lack of agency among female characters. The present study explores the gaming niche of “indie”--or independent game developer--video games in their representations of women in particular with Never Alone, Gone Home, and Her Story. These games were released around the time frame of the GamerGate controversy—a controversy which drew attention to the treatment of women in gaming culture—and hence, the games are used to reflect on a potential shift in games culture following the controversy. This paper argues that these game narratives emphasized multilayered female characterizations, female-to-female interactions, and internal dramas as a way to potentially reach female gamers and present an alternative narrative on women.


These are all great pieces that link together actually nicely under the overall concept of "gamification" in journalism, which I'll discuss in my next post which reflects on my talk from this week at University of Vienna. Lastly for this post, I spoke on a podcast last week with the public broadcast station here in Vienna. Fantastic conversation and well worth a listen:

Podcast is FM4's Gaming Culture podcast from June 1st:

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