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Sabbatical Featured Research- Pandemic Reporting and News Coverage of Hate Groups

Every scholar works differently--for me, I find the conference circuit remarkably helpful because it helps me plan out my year. If you just submit 1 paper for our early- summer conference (Nov. 1 deadline) and 1 paper for our late-summer conference (April 1 deadline), you automatically have two papers you can send out in rotation. One of my secrets to productivity is to use these deadlines as the motivation keep papers out and moving.

As March wraps up, I have quite a few projects out for review. I'd initially thought of detailing them...but then I realized that this ruins the blind review process. Instead, I'll detail a few moments of press that my research has gotten in the past month and detail the projects.

* In early March, my research was featured on The J Word, the podcast on Journalism practice. I took part in the discussion on social media sourcing with a few amazing scholars. Here I talk about my recent publication with Brett Johnson (Missouri) and Leslie Klein (Missouri) on how journalists manage the coverage of hate groups. Listen here:

*Just about a week ago, my work was featured in the newsletter for our field, RQ1, for the second time. The first time was in relation to the work described in the podcast above (see here). Aside from being a huge honor to be featured in this newsletter, this newsletter has become an absolute must read for me, making me all the more thankful for the mention. This week it was in relation to my study on journalistic work during COVID-19. This publication is with the amazing Mimi Perreault (East Tennessee State). Read all about it here:

Both papers are available right now, open access:

Covering Hate: Field Theory and Journalistic Role Conception in Reporting on White Nationalist Rallies in Journalism Practice.

Journalists on COVID-19 Journalism: Communication Ecology of Pandemic Reporting in American Behavioral Scientist.

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