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Sabbatical Final Research Roundup (July 2021)

It was hard to say goodbye to Vienna this week, but I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity I had to (1) think, (2) work on bigger projects and rethink old ones and (3) give my children an unforgettable experience. My Oscar speech is short but important: thank you to Fulbright Austria and the Botstiber Institute for Austrian-American Studies for choosing me and supporting my fellowship, thank you to Appalachian State University for recognizing the importance of “honoring the Sabbatical and keeping it holy,” and thank you to University of Vienna (and especially Folker Hanusch) for hosting me for the term.

There’s a lot that’s come out of this experience that I can provide no tangible evidence of: I’ve had time to consider what it means to be a “success” in my field, I’ve had time to think about what legacy I want to leave in the field and at my university, and I’ve had time to think about who I am and who I would like to be. None of those can be quantified, but they will perhaps be the most pernicious takeaways from this experience—gnawing at me and pushing me forward for years to come.

What I can show is the work this fellowship has allowed me to produce and that I’m proud to be able to share. There at least two additional pieces, through my work with Folker, that I cannot discuss given that they are in review, but I can share some things “by the numbers.”

Publications during Sabbatical: 9 Journal Articles, 2 Book Chapters

Journalism Studies:

Perreault, G., Perreault, M. & Maares, P. (2021) Metajournalistic Discourse and Field Theory on Journalistic Practice in the COVID-19 pandemic. Journalism Practice.

▪ Ferrucci, P. & Perreault, G. (2021-In Press) The liability of newness: Journalism, innovation, and the issue of core competencies. Journalism Studies.

Perreault, G. (2021) Reporting religion: Narrating religion in gaming journalism. Journal of Media & Religion.

▪ Paul, N. & Perreault, G. (2021) Picturing the President: Visual analysis of the Donald Trump presidency on U.S. magazine covers between 2016 and 2018. Journal of Magazine Media.

▪ Perreault, M. & Perreault, G. (2021) Journalists on COVID Journalism: Communication Media Ecology on Pandemic Reporting. American Behavioral Scientist. 65, 2.

▪ Kananovich, V. & Perreault, G. (2021) Audience as Boundary Worker: Deconstructing the CNN Live Broadcast. Journalism Studies.

Game Studies

▪ Perreault, M.F., Perreault, G., & Suarez, A. (2021) What does it mean to be a woman in ‘indie’ game storytelling? Narrative Framing in Independently-developed video games. Games & Culture.

Perreault, G., Daniel, E. & Tham, S. (2021-In Press) The Social Identity of ‘Loot box’ Gamers: A Case Study of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Game Studies.

▪ Tham, S. & Perreault, G. (2021) A Whale of a Tale: gaming disorder, spending and their associations on ad watching in role-playing game loot box gaming. Journal of Gambling Issues. 47.

Perreault, G. & Perreault, M. (2021) eSports as a news specialty gold rush: Communication ecology in the domination of traditional journalism over lifestyle journalism. Pathways into eSports business.

▪ Perreault, M. & Perreault, G. (2021) ‘I Stand by the Comments I Made,’ The 2019 FIFA Women’s Soccer Championship: images, commentary and narratives made with Memes. Being Better: What we learned from the 2019 FIFA World Cup.

Publications under review or revised during Fulbright (7 journal articles and 1 book proposal with sample chapters) and 1 Grant Proposal (Knight Foundation). Given that their under review, these remain hush-hush.


· Perreault, G. Sports Journalism and Insurgents. Invited Guest Lecture, Research Seminar A. University of Vienna. 17 June 2021.

· Perreault, G. ’Gaming’ Journalism: Digital journalism playing the field. University of Vienna- Department of Communication. Invited Research Talk. 7 June 2021.

· Perreault, G., Kananovich, V. & Hackett, E. (2021) Why the h**l does journalism have editorial endorsements? 2021 International Communication Association. Virtual Conference. Denver, Colorado. Recorded, Asychronous Viewing. 27-30 May 2021.

· Ferrucci, P. & Perreault, G. (2021) The liability of newness: Journalism, innovation and the issue of core competencies. 2021 International Communication Association. Virtual Conference. Denver, Colorado. Recorded, Asychronous Viewing. 27-30 May 2021.

· Perreault, G. Field Insurgency in Digital Journalism. University of Vienna- Journalism Studies Center. Invited Research Talk. 22 April 2021

· Perreault, G. Arts Journalism in Austria. Invited Guest Lecture, Arts Criticism. East Tennessee State University- Department of Media & Communication. 18 March 2021.

· Perreault, G. Why Sports Reporting? Invited Guest Lecture. News Reporting. East Tennessee State University- Department of Media & Communication. 16 March 2021

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