• Gregory Perreault

Upcoming Publication: Liability of Newness (Journalism Studies)

New publication coming in the next week from Journalism Studies. With my excellent collaborator Dr. Pat Ferrucci, we used a dataset of 25 digital journalists to understand how journalists perceive innovation. A key finding: journalists were excited about new innovations (they were asked in particular about news games, augmented reality, and virtual reality) but argued that these innovations came at their expense.

Therein lies the main problem with an argument for disruptive innovation in journalism: It would seemingly come at the expense of the current workforce, a workforce without the core competencies required or the desire to utilize innovation in the way necessary to attain idealized outcomes. A workforce that knows there is no proof these innovations actually make journalistic quality increase

Will share a link to the publication when it comes out. This is a great piece that fits in well with the focus of this Fulbright semester. A nice write up on my work at the University of Vienna was released in Appalachian Today here:

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