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  • Ananny, M. (2023). Networked press freedom: Creating infrastructures for a public right to hear. MIT press.  

  • Addison, P.  Sondag, J. Thomas, C. and Wilson, C. (2024) The Bloomberg Guide to Business Journalism. 

  • Campbell, W. (2024) Lost in a Gallup: Polling Failure in U.S. Presidential Elections. University of California Press

  • Carragee, K. (2024) Communication Activism Research for Social Justice: Engaged Research, Collective Action, and Political Change. Routledge.

  • Dowling, D.O. (2024) Podcast Journalism: The Promise and Perils of Audio Reporting.

  • Edmonds, A. (2023). We now belong to ourselves: Jl Edmonds, the Black Press, and Black Citizenship in America. OXFORD University Press.

  • Garza, M., Fuhlhage, M. & Lucht, T. (Eds.) (2024) The Routledge Companion to American Journalism History. Routledge.

  • Klinger, U., Kreiss, D. & Mutsvairo, B. (2023) Platforms, Power, and Politics: An Introduction to Political Communication in the Digital Age. Polity.

  • Pain, P. (Ed.). (2022). LGBTQ digital cultures: A global perspective. Routledge.

  • Vázquez-Herrero, J. (2023) Blurring Boundaries of Journalism in Digital Media: New Actors Models and Practices. Springer.

  • Wang, H. (2023). Disrupting Chinese Journalism: Changing Politics, Economics and Journalistic Practices of the Legacy Newspaper Press. Routledge.

  • Zayani, M. (2024) The Digital Double Bind: Change and Stasis in the Middle East. Oxford University Press. 

More coming soon! This page will be updated regularly by the book review editor. In the meantime, be in contact if you have other books to suggest.

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Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly

Book Review Editor

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