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Below is a sample of where I have been quoted in the press:

RQ1: How are journalists like instagram influencers? NiemanLab, 2020

For this study, Perreault and colleagues interviewed 18 journalists who have covered white nationalist rallies, and conclude with some best practices for reporters tasked with covering these issues. Overall, they found that journalists worried about walking into an “objectivity trap” and giving too much legitimacy to white nationalists simply by virtue of covering their rallies, particularly given that such hate groups take advantage of journalists’ professional predilections toward fairness and neutrality to convey and mainstream their message.

“To avoid that outcome,” the authors argue, “journalists should seek to resist the tendency to cover [white nationalist] rallies episodically (with conflict as the driving force of the story) and instead look to cover rallies more thematically by placing them in broader social and political contexts.”

Gregory Perreault Receives Fulbright U.S. Scholar Award Georgetown University, 2020

Perreault will research and teach at the University of Vienna as part of a project to study digital journalism practices in the United States and Austria. Perreault has spent the past three years gathering interviews from digital and mobile journalists and plans to gather matching interviews while in Austria.

As a Fulbright Scholar, Perreault will share knowledge and foster meaningful connections across communities in the United States and Austria. Fulbrighters engage in cutting-edge research and expand their professional networks, often continuing research collaborations started abroad and laying the groundwork for forging future partnerships between institutions. Upon returning to their home countries, institutions, labs, and classrooms, they share their stories and often become active supporters of international exchange, inviting foreign scholars to campus and encouraging colleagues and students to go abroad.

Mobile journalists emphasize their relationship with the audience Journalism Research News, 2018

“The growth of mobile journalism represents the development of lifestyle journalism norms, such as content driven by the audience, within even traditional journalism”, write Gregory Perreault of Appalachian State University, and Kellie Stanfield of Salisbury University, in their new study. The researchers interviewed 39 mobile journalists from six countries about their role in the newsroom.

Journalists saw their role as being a liability or burden in the newsroom, and at the same time, a way to keep up with audience interest. They emphasized he role of societal surveillance and story recording, the study found.

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